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Sonic warns of earnings hit on 'lower' BMW, Honda spiffs

The country's fifth-largest dealership group said lower incentives from automakers will hurt overall profits.

How to fix Tesla's woes: Reach out to Detroit

One way Tesla can fix its myriad production woes is to hire retired automotive manufacturing engineers to overhaul its troubled California assembly plant.

Europe seeks talks with Trump over auto tariffs, report says

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will meet President Trump in Washington next week to explore the possibility of starting negotiations on reducing car tariffs for several key trade partners, Bloomberg reported, citing people with...

PSA Group eyes 15 possible states for sales

PSA Group has narrowed to 15 states its top picks as possible points of entry for U.S. sales as the French carmaker continues to develop its return to North America.

Bridge promises new trade gateway for automakers in U.S., Canada

The groundbreaking for a major bridge between Canada and the U.S. signaled the beginning of a project that will ultimately open a new gateway for automotive trade between the countries.